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Mason's booking agent had to cancel all summer 2020 performances due to the COVID-19 crisis. Musicians are struggling to get their music heard. Mason's music is a special thing that fans around the world are resonating with. His voice and songwriting is unique in this business. 

Please take a moment and click on the above link and consider donating a single dollar to help Mason to continue to record new music.

All donations will receive a signed CD of Mason's full-length Bittersweet (2019 that features the smash  single "Shattered" now over 80K streams on Spotify). All donations will contribute to an official music video for a new upcoming single. Thank you for listening and contributing to my campaign.  

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Official Press Release:

Mason's "Bittersweet" was released on August 2nd. Co-Written and produced by K. Cruiser of L.A, This is Mason's first release since 2016. Fans are responding positively to Mason's unique powerful voice and songwriting style. 

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