Listening to his lush, soaring vocal is like boarding a hot air balloon before it embarks on a journey across deserts, mountains, and oceans alike.With vibrato that is reminiscent of Josh Groban and the vocal purity of Michael Bublé and Jamie Cullum, Mason’s passionate tenor pierces emotions.

Mason’s emotional vocal that takes center stage and place listeners in a trance, just as it should..  Upon first listen, his words and tone are so direct that you may even feel that your privacy has been invaded. 

Mason’s distinct voice is an innate gift that has been honed through more than ten years of vocal training where he studied voice at Western Michigan University.  He’s been writing songs and charming his listeners since he was a teenager, seizing every chance to develop his skill.  Mason achieves what few can by pulling together a broad spectrum of listeners.

Mason's new EP Come Home Tonight is his finest work yet. Recorded in Nashville, TN, Mason's songwriting and voice take off with fire and passion on the EP's opening track "All I Remember".  I dare you to not feel something! Mason's voice soars on "Let Me In" (reminiscent of Josh Groban) and the haunting new single "Distant Souls" will leave you in tears.  Mason is a rising star in the entertainment world and after you hear his music, you too will be hooked. 

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